Turquoise room No. 27

Turquoise room No. 27

For three Wide bunk bed Downstairs/outdoor shower

Green in color therapy

Associated with harmony, youth and freshness. Green promotes development, growth, fertility, stability and endurance and is good for concentration. Green gives a sense of security. Green has a calm and neutral effect, it calms, but not as strongly as blue. In a psychological sense, green causes a feeling of purity, freshness and renewal. Green directs, so it should be used when decisions need to be made. Green is helpful in claustrophobia (fear of a closed space), expanding the space.

Room price includes

Toa hinna sees on voodipesu, väikesed käterätikud ja WiFi kasutus. Ühiskasutatav WC on samal korrusel koridoris. Dušširuumi on võimalus kasutada peamajas registratuuri lahtiolekuaegadel või territooriumi keskel asuvas välihoones. Ööpäevaringselt avatud välihoones asuvad lisaks dušširuumidele ka väliköök ning WC-d.

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