Strawberry Room No. 22

Strawberry Room No. 22

For two Extra wide bed Mullivanniga

Red in color therapy

Red is associated with the genitals, as well as blood and blood circulation. Problems that respond to red include circulatory problems, uneven blood supply, hardening of the arteries, infertility, fatigue and anemia. The color red stimulates the senses and adds energy. By wearing red, you are more confident and bold than usual. If sometimes there is a feeling that you can't do the daily tasks, then the red color helps to be active again. Red relaxes cramped muscles and joints in the leg area. The color red has a positive effect on anyone who easily catches a cold and helps with slowed blood circulation.

Room price includes

Bed linen, towels and Wi-Fi are included in the room rate. The toilet and shower room with jacuzzi are located in the room. Possibility to use outdoor kitchen 24h.

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